I was thinking to myself the other day… (the correct response to that statement is, “do you usually think to someone else??”)… about immutable laws of nature.  Things happen and we should expect them to happen, even if we can’t precisely predict what will happen.  Life is full of unexpected inconveniences.  Some could be categorized as natural.  Or, maybe categorized as sense of humor expressed through nature.

For example.  Why is it that if only one juicy bug hits the windshield, it hits the windshield right in front of the driver?  The passenger side is clear.  Good luck using the windshield washer fluid and the wipers to clean it off.  Bug guts can smear pretty well across the windshield.  Same goes for the rock chip.  Always in front of the driver.

And bird droppings.  Apparently a freshly washed car is a better target than a weatherbeaten hulk.  But, let’s not forget the deck.  A freshly pressure-washed composite deck is another prime target.  Last week I looked at what had been my clean deck.  That Saturday morning the deck looked like a California Condor with a top-notch bombsight flew over after having stopped by the all-you-can-eat bird buffet. The applicable immutable law: Any naturally occurring disgustingly smear-able animal gut-substance is drawn gravitationally to the most lifestyle-inconvenient surfaces recently cleaned by personal human effort, at the most inopportune time.

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