We’re Open!

We’re Open!

Panic – the Pandemic in which we REFUSE to Participate

We fully realize that the only things that can be seen on the news are of death and dying. After I had an internet meeting with some high school friends last week I wondered when the last time was that any of these guys laughed?

We’re instructed that everyone must live in the basement not coming close to other humans until “it’s safe.” Until we “get the all clear.” People are panicked!

Can you imagine any of these modern doomsday promoters climbing on a wooden ship to go to the New World, or signing the Declaration of Independence? “I’ll need the pen sterilized! Could you stand back while I sign? I need to get back to my basement. Tell me when it’s safe…when it’s over…when EVERYTHING is over. Do the British have outhouse paper?”

All of this is promoted by and sponsored by modelers. When I was a kid there were modelers who made models of WWII airplanes. When they came to school with their eyes sort of glazed over, we knew they had spent too many hours hunched over a puddle of glue.

The modelers of the newer sort use very large computers to try to predict the future. When I occasionally get asked about the future, I tell people – with a smile – “If I could predict the future, I’d use it on the stock market, no offense.” The reason the modelers don’t try to predict the stock market, of course, is that with their track records, they’d be broke inside a week. But, if they can sell themselves to some cable news network, they might just get a nice retirement gig.

Our office is open on an increasingly normal schedule. We are scheduling people with enough time between appointments that you should have minimal contact with others. We’ll try to conform to some degree, including wearing a mask if you’d prefer. Of course, families can all come together. We’ll schedule a break after your family and before the next appointment.

And, as we’ve said for awhile, we are a ZERO TOLERANCE ZONE. That is, if you are coughing, sneezing (that you aren’t positive is allergies), have a fever or diarrhea, DO NOT COME IN! GO HOME!

If you pass that test and there’s something we can help with, give us a call! WE’RE OPEN!!